Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nail Polish Organization

Nail art is ridiculously popular. Oh, you already knew that? Yeah, it's not news anymore...

Well, new phenomenon or not this trend now requires everyone to run around with perfectly adorable painted nails all the time. Ha! Okay, so they should be *really* cute when they actually get painted anyway. Aside from the obvious problems stemming from this trend (dominant hands, lack of time, etc) there are more nail polish bottles laying about.

It can be hard to keep up with nail polish bottles since they're small, have a tendency to spill, and smell funny. However, for the sake of adorable nails, the bottles have to go somewhere... Once again Pinterest provides realistic solutions to this organizational conundrum:
Image source: The Coveteur
I, personally, don't have a wall to spare (or the desire to look like I live in a nail salon for that matter) to put up a ton of itty bitty shelves. Besides, my nail polish collection isn't really one I want on display. I also don't really have enough bottles to justify showing them off. This brings me to my nail polish organizational solution. Behold! I bring you the fishing tackle box!

They are dad's favorite way to organize 75% of all things; he doesn't even fish. (Neither do I.)

Despite their lack of overwhelming cuteness, they do keep nail polish bottles neat, organized, and out of trouble, because even if one spills, it's easy to clean up without getting a super cute bag all coated in gooey glitter -- yuck. They don't take up much space either, and can be squeezed into an overstuffed bathroom cabinet without too much difficulty.

This size tackle box can fit 2 bottles of OPI laying opposite directions, 3 bottles of Sally Hansen, or several mini nail polishes in the smaller sections. Though, since the sections are customizable it wouldn't be hard to come up with a configuration that fit your favorite brand of nail polish.

Maybe someone will ModgePodge something cutesy on one of these, but I think I'll keep mine plain for now.

Are there any other tackle box lovers out there?

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