Thursday, December 6, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

This week I've realized that if I bring my charger, I can charge my phone at work! (novel concept, amirite?) Awesome because this way I don't have to be sad all afternoon because I only have 10% battery life, nor do I have to spend the evening awkwardly holding my phone while it's stuck to the charger cable either. Win-Win I say.

The bacon from the meat market in my neighborhood (a recent discovery). It's extra delicious, for some crazy reason. That reason is probably because it is not from Kroger (no offense Kroger, but you smell funny)

In other bacon related news, this week a coworker asked why I wasn't vegan. Uh What? Rude! {note to coworker please see above} I guess I come off as more of a crazy hipster-esque health nut than I thought. Whoops.

Taking time to be creative, and actually do some projects I've been thinking about for a while. Accomplishment is a good feeling, one that I need more of in life.

Getting a renewed sense of optimism and inspiration. I had a big disappointment last week, but not that it's over with I have more time and energy to put into finding better things. Can't let the muggles get me down.

Aaand, I just remembered that this song is 30 seconds that is almost guaranteed to put a smile on my face (though it's not as though I have any clue why). It's also pretty much the only thing I really like by this artist. Go Figure.

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