Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Cards, and the Joy of Addressing them by Hand...

Warning: The following post does not contain any relevant pretty pictures
I could not capture any photos of the lettering without compromising the privacy of those receiving the cards, and they probably wouldn't like that. Maybe next time.
oh hello there re-used image, how've you been?

I love calligraphy. It has all the hallmarks of something I could really get into: decorative text, unnecessary flourishes, pretty colors, fancy inks, spiffy writing utensils, and being antiquated for no reason. Also, Harry Potter! ......I mean... um, it looks cool. ....I guess.

In all seriousness, I think it's fascinating because of the rich history, ornamental beauty, and the structured method required to produce such beautiful, flowing results. Well, that and it gives a purpose to my impulsive pen purchases. I also think I'm not too bad at it. maybe.

My first venture into the whole calligraphy thing (for real) was the addressing of my graduation announcements. It was really fun to make the envelopes special, and focusing on the lettering was considerably more relaxing than anything else associated with college graduation. Plus, there were less than 25 of them to send out, so it wasn't a big deal. 

Naturally, after how well the announcements went I "volunteered" to address the Christmas cards this year. Yay! How Fun! At first... However instead of 20, there are 75 people on this "nice list" (see what I did there? ;P ) and with a full time job, and 10 minutes per card; it's taking FOREVER!

Wahhhhh! ... I know.....

But in the spirit of keeping thing Merry, I'm trying to think positive thoughts like "practice makes perfect" and about how much easier it will get if I do this more often. Thinking things like "it's just a stupid envelope" and "I doubt anyone is even going to notice" is not helpful, or jolly. I will not remind myself excessively that sticking some labels in the printer would have gotten the whole mess of cards into the mailbox in less than 20 min.

For now I'm going to keep at it like a cloistered 15th century nun. Or at least I will until I die of carpal tunnel (pretty sure you can totes die of that, BTW).

Think I'm crazy for my calligraphy? Check out the inspirational work of hand-letterer Sean Wes @ 

What are your thought? Do you address cards by hand or pop out printer labels?

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